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View of the proposed cut block from Pender Hill

“In British Columbia, the scenic landscapes are highly valued by both residents and visitors. Scenic viewing is an important component of virtually all recreation and tourism activities on BC’s public forest lands. Scenic landscapes both natural and managed provide the primary resource base for B.C.‘s growing tourism industry, and are marketed internationally through the theme of “Super Natural British Columbia”.” - Quote taken from the Forest Practices Branch, Ministry of Forests.

The red in this photo shows the visual impact the proposed cut block will have from the top of Pender Hill.  Similarly, visitors of Mixal Lake and Sakinaw Lake will also have their views tarnished.

There is a Visual Quality Objective (VQO) that the Ministry of Forests has in place that require licensees to complete visual impact assessments to confirm that the VQO is achieved. More on Visual Quality Objectives can be found here:

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