Adopt a tree

The Bear Bay Stewardship alliance, would like to invite you to support our fund raising efforts to save Pender Harbour's last Old-Forest ecosystem forever by participating in our adopt a tree program. By adopting a tree in Bear Bay forest, you will receive a page on our site that gives statistical information like estimated weight, height, age, species, GPS coordinates and a photo of the tree in Bear Bay forest that you are adopting. 100% of the funds received from our "adopt a tree" program will be used to pay for newspaper ads, print material, trail signs and other campaign expenses.

Although we cannot guarantee that the tree you adopt will be saved from the proposed clear-cut operation, if we are successful at preserving the forest, your tree will always be recognized as the one you have symbolically adopted in the efforts to save it and the rest of Bear Bay Forest. If the BBSA is successful in preserving Bear Bay Forest, we will work with the appropriate government bodies to try and get permanent recognition of these adopted trees with a plaque or marker at the base of the specific tree(s) you adopt.

If you would like to participate in this program. Send us an email at

Thank you!